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The colour change film you have been waiting for is finally here! Arlon PREMIUM COLOUR CHANGE has arrived.

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The conformable cast film features FLITE Technology® for fast, easy installation, excellent repositioning and clean removability. The engineered liner with invisible air channels gives bubble-free application resulting in an ultra-smooth finish for full and partial vehicle wraps. The specially adapted protective film on gloss colours ensures the highest gloss level. Guaranteed to stay down in deep channels, curves, recesses and the most demanding shapes.

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Market leading, ultra-gloss finishes reflect like a mirror for truly eye-catching wraps.

invisible air channel

liner for fast and bubble-free application resulting in an ultra-smooth finish.

guaranteed to stay down

in deep channels, curves, recesses and the most demanding shapes.

protective film2

The Gloss colours in the Premium Colour Change with FLITE Technology® range are manufactured with a protective film which is designed to enhance and maximise the gloss level of the product. Once removed, it leaves you with a smooth paint-like finish.

The protective film protects the surface of the film during transportation and MUST be removed before application.


Arlon Premium Colour Change features the same great FLITE Technology as the super successful Arlon SLX

FLITE Technology is a lite contact system that allows graphics to float over a substrate until firm pressure is applied, giving fantastic repositionability qualities and clean removal.

"If you’re a novice, it’s going to help you get the job done. If you’re an expert it’s going to help you get the job done faster!"

self-healing adhesve

The self-healing adhesive is a true game-changer; an Arlon unique feature, brand new to Premium Colour Change.

Imperfections to the adhesive caused during application completely fade away after 10 days to reveal an ultra-smooth finish.

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