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Learn more about 3M DI-NOC and why it is no ordinary vinyl. 

With architectural films, every surface is a potential project for architects and designers to rehabilitate space in a sustainable way. But what is the difference with 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes? What makes these surface finishes different? 

With more unique patterns and specialist ranges than any other brand, 3M DI-NOC is the leading choice for interior design specifications. 

3M Leading Edge Tough


Made from high quality cast PVC for seamless joins with no overlaps. Typical lifespan of 12 years with superior abrasion and impact resistance. 3M DI-NOC is stronger and looks good for longer. 

3M Leading Edge Clean

Peace of Mind

Easy to clean and disinfect with no deterioration of surface finish. Compatible with disinfectant cleaners, and with antibacterial preservatives to destroy or suppress bacteria and viruses

3M Leading Edge Confidence

UV Stable

Superior UV resistance, to ensure the product looks just as good in future years as the day it was installed. With up to 6 times more UV resistance than other architectural finishes, trust 3M DI-NOC.